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As a lifelong science educator I get great joy from learning with others. The hands-on nature of pottery provides great opportunities to build relationships.


New Experiences

There’s something wonderful about creating. Pottery is like golf. There is nobody to impress but yourself, and you can get great joy in small accomplishments.

Affordable Sales

Retirement is a fantastic gig for the hobby potter. Yes, I sell my work, but I don’t need to make a living at it…all to your benefit. Still, I encourage you to patronize your local artists who really count on your support.

About MQT Mudworx

Professor Carl Wozniak currently lives in Marquette, Michigan and discovered pottery in retirement. Spinning clay and yarns comes naturally, and through this site he shares his love of hand fashioned pottery.



Latest Updates

Hot from the kiln!

Somewhere warm

Pottery is a blast, but it’s also great to head to warmer climes and visit family I haven’t seen in too long. I’ll be back at the wheel and kiln in March.

More raku

Raku is one of the most exciting processes in pottery. It’s fast, hot, and full of the excitement that typical processes simply can’t match. You never know what you’re going to get, but sometimes it’s Read more…

TV 6 Christmas Craft Show

Thank you to everyone visiting the MooseWood Nature Center booth at the TV 6 Craft Show. We donated many pieces to the cause, and raised over $2,000 to help the Center.